Find Out How Your Employees are Feeling Before They Get to Work

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As many provinces have begun to allow employees return to work, local health authorities are asking that employees and visitors complete a paper-based COVID-19 health questionnaire. 

There has to be a better solution than getting  people to complete piece of paper that you have to handle, review and store for contact tracing... 

That's why we've partnered with an industry-leader in employee wellness and data collection platform to bring you an easy way to assess employee health and wellness before they go to work each day. 

Here's how it works:


This platform can integrate using the open API with facilities management systems like keycard scanners or any of your internal systems like payroll and scheduling... making it even easier for you and your employees. 

You'll get the data you need to monitor employee wellness and ensure your workplace is safe.  You can even use the platform to track the wellness of visitors and guests before they arrive. 

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